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    CIP Cleaning Lesson

    DateTime:2017-12-27    Author:kadoya Everbright    PV:430

          CIP cleaning system commonly known as in-place cleaning system is widely used in beverages, dairy products, fruit juices, alcohol and other high degree of mechanization in food production enterprises. 

          CIP is also called in-place cleaning or cleaning positioning. In-place cleaning refers to the method of cleaning the contact surface of the liquid with a strong effect on the equipment without cleaning or removing the device by high-temperature and high-concentration cleaning liquid.

    Recommended cleaning sequence is as follows:

    3-5 minutes of washing, room temperature or hot water above 60 ;

    Alkali wash 10-20 minutes, 1% -2% solution, 60 -80 ;

    The middle of washing 5-10 minutes, 60 below the water;

    3-5 minutes final wash, rinse.


             To ensure the flow rate of the cleaning is actually to ensure the flow rate of the cleaning liquid during the cleaning process, so as to produce a certain mechanical effect, that is, improving the impact force by increasing the turbulence of the fluid and obtaining a certain cleaning effect.