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    ChangBai Mountain - Summer Tour

    DateTime:2017/8/10    Author:Kadoya Everbright    PV:227

    ChangBai Mountain Scenic Area is the national AAAAA-class tourist attractions, the main peak of Baitou Mountain and more white pumice and snow named, known as "Millennium snow years pine, straight on the world's first peak" reputation. Scenic area is a "mountain, holy water, Qilin, fairy fruit" and other prestigious tourist destination.

    The members of Kadoya Everbright Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd , have a beautiful date with Changbai in August .The ancient forest of the holy, the lush forests of the virgin, the deep stream of water off the rapids, hot springs geology of the peculiar; mountains have four seasons, step by step, in Changbai Mountain this nature treasure house embodied in the vividly, no doubt Brought a visual feast with the baptism of the soul to all of the visitors .

    The main tour of the Tianchi Holy Land is located in the main peak of Changbai Mountain volcano cone at the top, is a crater, after a long period of water into the lake. Changbai Mountain Tianchi 2189.1 meters above sea level, Tianchi slightly oval, 4.4 km long from north to south, east and west width of 3.37 km. The total storage capacity of 2.04 billion cubic meters. The water temperature is 0.7 ° C to 11 ° C and the annual average temperature is 7.3 ° C.

    Warm and simple folk customs, delicious and pure characteristics of food, can not help but hang around, memorable.

    Every scene, every trace of air, are gathered into the best memories in the bottom of our heart washed away.