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    2017 VEC (Vietnam Coatings Exhibition) hot in progress

    DateTime:2017/6/15    Author:kadoyaeverbright    PV:269

    June 10, 2017 Vietnam Coatings Exhibition coming as planned, the Kadoya Everbright was invited to participate in the exhibition, in the No.C18 booth to bring you a stainless steel packaging container-based quality products and information technology solutions, during which we have been actively engaged in meeting new friends ,and our existing relations of cooperation and laying an indelible solid foundation for opening up new situations.

    In the meeting, we face the customer with enthusiasm, talk very much, our representative, communicate with the exhibitors patiently with full of warm, the features and advantages of our production have been vividly showed to the customer. With our personal experience of professional exchanges. Our representative of the cohesion of the actual combat wisdom and application to show customers a new situation, our customer groups mainly including India's local enterprises, more Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany and other enterprises to invest in chemical transport companies, the customer through the catalogue and other company data window, understanding our company’s products and services. and expressed great interest and trust as well, and we exchange Business cards each other, and take pictures eventually as a jolly memory.

    Very grateful to the Vietnam Coatings Exhibition bring the opportunity to us, we not only opened up the horizons, but also deepened their own use of the company's products, the scope of application of new knowledge, will also be able to better serve customers!

    The same world, with a dream, let us embrace the world together with the international standards, look forward to your presence! Look forward to your arrival!

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